"Transformation happens when you decide that you deserve the life that you desire"
- Erica, Soulful Experience LLC-

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Where you embrace your power & celebrate the life you create.

✨Jay’s Experience ✨
Erica is a bright light with a warm and welcoming demeanor. Her events are a delight which she facilitates with practiced ease. She readily shares her extensive knowledge of a number of energetic modalities such as sound healing, Sacred Circles, space clearing, manifestation, etc. Erica has a robust connection with spirit/the divine. I strongly recommend checking her calendar and attending her next event.

✨Judith’s Experience ✨
Celestial gatherings at Soulful E.xperience.
Erica shares her passion and beautiful radiance.
Many energies to discover, to heal thyself.
Selflove, peace, and friendship are the healthiest wealth.
Friendships grow within the group, relax your mind; surrender; recoup.
Sunsets embraced, tears may fall, laughter shared;
They heal us all.
Soulful E.xperience near and far.
Erica, you did it again;
you set the bar. ⚘️

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✨Kaitlynn’s Experience ✨
So grateful for the circle that Erica held for myself and other wonderful souls. The circle and sound bath within the circle helped me go from feeling heavy and carrying things that no longer served me, to feeling refreshed and clear with how I can make room for new by letting go of the old. I’m very much looking forward to experiencing more of Erica’s energy!

✨Maria’s Experience ✨
Erica is an amazing soul! Her sacred circles are amazing! I just attended the one for the new moon and it was so enlightening and I learned so much. It was virtual and so good! I was able to participate and I was welcomed with so much love! I can’t wait for the next one!

Soulful Experience's image
Soulful Experience's image

If you were like me, then you are feeling a desire to authentically be yourself, re-discover your purpose and enjoy living the easy life!

"Hello, hello! I'm Erica, and I'm absolutely thrilled to have you here!

I'm passionate about integrating holistic practices into mainstream medicine, bringing forth creative healing modalities that harness natural energy and ancient wisdom. With over 20 years of experience as a Registered Nurse, I've not only treated patients but also personally transformed my own life in a remarkably short time.

I'm here to empower you to tap into your own energy, courage, strength, and vitality through natural, non-invasive, and highly effective healing and coaching techniques. My approach is deeply personalized, whether for individuals or groups, creating a nurturing space where the journey of self-healing and transformative growth flourishes.

Together, we'll discover your inner balance, ignite your passions, and uncover the ultimate joy that aligns with your true purpose in life. You'll be amazed at what you can achieve when you prioritize your well-being and self-discovery.

Let's embark on this inspiring journey together, where you'll not only heal but also thrive in creating the life you're destined to live. I can't wait to see the incredible transformations ahead!"

Are you ready to start doing the work and gain the tools needed to continue this lifestyle on your own? Or do you simply need a moment to let the stress go and experience pure relaxation?

Soulful Experience's image
Soulful Experience's image

✨Nayira's Experience ✨
Being surrounded by you and your gifts has sparked me again!!!! Xoxo

✨Joelle's Experience✨
A Magical evening with amazing people! New moon in Sagittarius with a Flower moon on Ft. Myers Beach was a night to remember. Amazing energy, expansion& optimism, philosophical insights and breakthroughs, personal growth and relationships & balance between adventure and stability. Thank you for a magnificent evening. Can't wait for the next one!