Kasey’s Experience ✨
Erica planned my bridal shower and did an AMAZING job! All the attention to detail was beyond great. If anyone is looking for bridal showers, birthday parties, or any event planning service please consider Erica!!! 🖤✨

Jeannie’s Experience ✨
Thank you Erica for the wonderful experience, the journey & the profound connections made at my BRIDAL BLESSING. I can't pick just 1 favorite moment because there were so many beautiful memories created. The blessing prayer, Affirmations reading, The group DIY fresh flower headpiece, Sage clearing, Tuning forks & sound bowls!! oh! so soothing, relaxing & captivating. The music kept us present in the moment. What an amazing experience! The floating flowers, the candles, the aroma and amazing meal! I could go on & on! I felt as if I was surrounded by Angels! The journey was unforgettable! THANK YOU! I would recommend your services to friends & family.
My bridal blessing was Beautiful! thank you Soulful Experience!!!💋

Kirsten’s Experience ✨
Attention to detail, personal touch and maybe a little OCD makes Erica the absolute best event planner there is! The thoughtfulness that goes into her events is second to none. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Cheri’s Experience ✨
1. What an awesome experience I attended last week! Definitely will be contacting Soulful E.xperience in the future!! 2. What an enchanting evening celebrating the bride and sending our love to her as she embarks on a new journey!

Donna’s Experience ✨
New moon 🌑 and sound healing in one awesome zoom! How does it get any better than this? I went so deep and felt so refreshed. Can’t wait for the next one!

Sydney’s Experience ✨
I reached out to Erica for a reading. She was very thorough with her reading. Sent me pictures of the cards, her space, and a detailed voice message. I heard exactly what I needed to hear from her and my guides. Grateful for the E.xperience

Leah’s Experience ✨
Erica is such a sweet natured soul with a calming vibe. The New Moon circle she and Mama Maria facilitated was absolutely blissful and rejuvenating. Thank you Erica. So much love to you ✨️🙏✨️